Vacuum Food Sealer Cover

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Don't worry about having to buy a plastic food sealer machine anymore. Just cover it with our Vacuum Food Sealer Cover and you're ready to go!

It's easy to use, just place the cover over your food in contact with a clean and smooth-surface plate and slightly press on top of cover to create vacuum seal. 

Food stays fresh and tastes great. Vacuum Food Sealer Cover works perfect with plates, large serving platters, skillets, and bowls, or even on counter-top, allowing you to quickly seal-up and store away fruits, vegetables, prepared food or the remains of a meal. It also isolates bacteria from the air and prevents food poisoning.

Not only does it mean clean-up without having to transfer foods from one container to another, but you'll also save the time from washing multiple dishes and containers! It also prevents messy and splatters in your microwave. 


  • Preserve all of your food longer.
  • Vacuum seal bowls, plates, or skillets and more.
  • Easy to see what you've got stored so that less food goes to waste.
  • Light weight and durable, BPA free material.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Microwave oven safe.
  • Stackable for easy storage.
  • Comes in the color black.

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