TYPE-R Car Rearview Mirror Rain Shield

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Definitely you've heard of the saying "Save (something) for a rainy day." right?

And indeed we will never know when it rains, but with this TYPE-R Car Rearview Mirror Rain Shield the least you won't need to worry about is your driving condition of the car.

This rearview mirror rain shield certainly does the job by keeping rain drops flowing around your mirror rather than the front, which blinds us all during a heavy pour. It's real simple to stick on and install without damaging your mirror in the long run, plus it's done in a very stylish way!

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  • Made from synthetic plastic, it's bendable and durable.
  • Available in white & black.
  • Attach and un-attach as you like without damaging your car mirror.
  • A set comes with 2 rain shields.
  • Improves your visibility during heavy pours in a stylish way too!

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