Transparent Air-Tight Grain Container

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Store your favorite food safely into our Transparent Air-Tight Grain Container! Designed with a transparent bottle body and scale marking for an easy glance and concise measurements together with a lid that fits securely to keep your food fresh and organized!

Engineered with sizes that are perfectly calibrated to store common household staples including cereal, flour, pasta, rice, coffee, nuts, and more! The container contains no bisphenol plastic and creates a closed environment to ensure that the food will be kept dry and fresh. Maximize your shelves, countertop, or storage space and have your cupboards looking organized and mess-free!


  • Safe material - Made from food-grade environmental PP material.
  • Maintaining freshness - The flexible inner seal allows the food to stay fresh longer.
  • Separated cells - There are 3 grids in 1500 ml, and a choice of 2 or 4 grids for 2500 ml.
  • Wide usage - Can be used to store cereal, flour, pasta, sugar, creamer, condiments, rice, coffee, nuts, and more.
  • Easy-grip design and pour spot for cereal.
  • Keeps your food separated and organized.
  • Ideal for storing a variety of foodstuff.


  • 2 grids: 24 cm x 19 cm
  • 3 grids: 15 cm x 14 cm
  • 4 grids: 24 cm x 14 cm

Package includes: 1x Transparent Air-Tight Grain Container

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