Smoothing Coil Facial Hair Remover

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Say goodbye to the old fashion method of facial hair removal! Now, you can pluck many at once.

Many of you would have tried various facial hair removal methods and products such as razors, tweezers, hair removal cream and so more. This by far is what everyone has been talking great things about - painless, quick, many hair at once, super efficient! The Smoothing Coil Facial Hair Remover is definitely something you won't regret having and trust us, it's so efficient that you'll be using only this from now on.

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  • Easy To Use - Just bend the coil spring into a U-shape and hold the pink handles. Turn the handles in opposite directions to make contact and connect with the hairs, effectively pulling them out as you twist.
  • Painless Removal - Unlike burning depilatory creams, razors, or excruciating waxing, this is a painless method of hair removal. It removes hair quickly, making even tweezers seem ineffective comparatively.
  • Smoothing Finish - Your face will be smooth and hairless after using the coil spring hair remover, making you feel confident and flawless.
  • Size - Total size - 10.5", Spring Length - 4"

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