Smart Shoe Stacker & Organizer

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Want to enjoy a less cluttered closet?

Introducing Smart Shoe Stacker & Organizer Set. It will help you double your shoe storage space in a snap!

The average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, while the average guys own 12 pairs. That's just simply way too many pairs! And today, most people stay with with friends and families, this means that there might be anywhere between 50-100 pairs of shoes in a single household.

The Smart Shoe Stacker & Organizer is perfect storage solution for this to give you a neat, compact, clutter free look to your shoe rack yet adding to your decor style.

Organize your storage space and shoe keeping with this product and double your storage space. It has plenty of room for any kind of footwear, be it sneakers, stilettos, sandals or flip flops.

It can be used in most of the shoe storage rack and can also be used in your shoe travel bag to protect your expensive shoes from loosing its shape.

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  • Innovative design organizes and doubles your storage space in your shoe cabinets/ racks without shoes rubbing against each other.
  • Acts as a shoe guard and keeps your shoes hygienically clean and well aired.
  • Manufactured from High Grade Plastic so light weight, washable and durable.
  • Convenient to use and provides decent look of your shoe rack and also easy access to your shoe collection.
  • Items are sold per piece.

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