Silicone Baking Mat

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Why choose Silicone Baking Mat, you might ask?

A silicone baking mat is a non-stick baking surface made from high-quality, food-grade silicone. This surface comes in several shapes and sizes to fit various types of baking pans.

The main benefit to owning a silicone mat is that, unlike parchment paper, it’s reusable. The silicone mat is also especially well suited for jobs that may prove too hot and sticky for parchment paper to stand up to without reinforcement (i.e. greasing).

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  • Non-stick baking surface - perfect for sticky candy ingredients or oily doughs.
  • Reausable & easily washable.
  • Safe to be baked in a microwave or oven.
  • Perfect for baking and also your savoury food preps.
  • Multiple benefits - can be used during kneading dough, comes with measurement pointers, lesser potential of burnt and browning of the pastry.
  • Size - 26x29cm

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