Self-Balancing Colander Strainer

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This balancing kitchen colander strainer saves water and prevents your food from spilling into the sink!

We know, we know... It’s very frustrating when your freshly cleaned vegetables and fruits fall into the dirty sink after you have rinsed them. It not only defeats the purpose of washing them, it also wastes water and effort.

This Self-Balancing Colander Strainer solves the problem with an ergonomic design that keeps the clean food upright while the water drains away.

It tilts to rinse out your food without dropping anything into the sink. Because of its multifunctional design, this strainer can reduce the amount of water needed to wash fruits and vegetables by 60%


  • Sturdy and durable PP material, safe and non-toxic.
  • Double-layer design, easy to drain.
  • Can be used to wash fruits and vegetables easily.
  • Double layers can be detached, multi-functional and practical.
  • A useful kitchen tool for fruits and veg washing and storage.

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