Quick & Easy Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Sick and tired of having corks breaking in the middle of opening a wine bottle? Don't worry, this definitely works better compared to a manual corkscrew or however method you've been using to open a wine bottle.

Time to put aside your manual corkscrews and the traditional method of opening a corked wine bottle. The time is here for the Quick & Easy Electric Wine Bottle Opener. Now you can save time worrying about the cork breaking in between or taking a long time to open one. Start saving time opening a bottle and spend more time enjoying one.


  • Opens bottle in 6 seconds or LESS!
  • USB universal interface for fast charging lithium batteries.
  • Long lasting batteries - a dozen bottles before needing to charge again.
  • Intimate 4 battery power prompts, intuitively know the power situation.
  • build with 304 stainless steel metal technology texture.
  • Innovative detachable bottom cover for easy cleaning.
  • With 35mm oversized outer diameter bottle mouth compatibility, it is easy to deal with different wine bottles.
  • Multi-purpose cutting knife base, child-grade standard protection, safe and intimate.

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