Professional Hair Salon Steam Styler

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This isn't like any ordinary steam hair styler you would see for your usual home use. The technology this hair styler is built on follows exactly professionals in the hair industry uses!

Say goodbye to the typical hair stylers that has slow heating elements, inconsistent heat distribution on your hair and short lifespan and welcome the all new Professional Hair Salon Standard Steam Styler.

Wonderfully built to assist you where ever you are in the world, it comes with your choice of plug heads, heats up form 0-100 degrees real quick and locks right there for a more consistent heat which you can also monitor through its digital temperature apparatus.

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  • 6 temperature-lock settings provide the perfect finish for your hair type
  • Heats to Keratin-ideal 450º max temperature swift
  • Automatic temperature lock for consistent heat throughout use
  • Vented Tourmaline-Ceramic plates infuse hair with therapeutic Argan Oil
  • Stylish and functional 9' burn-resistant textile cord
  • 360º swivel cord prevents tangling and keeps you on the move 
  • Plug type available -  EU, US, UK, AU.
  • product comes with a safekeeping box, argan oil, comb and a pair of gloves.



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