Portable Crystal Handbag Hook

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We do hear your handbag problems, ladies. It is indeed quite frustrating to search high and low for an extra chair just for your bag. Or to cave in and place your bag on your lap throughout the whole night out.

This Portable Crystal Handbag Hook keeps your handbag off the floor, safe and secure, in a restaurant, office, or anywhere. Just unfold and place the hook on the edge of a table or bench to hang your bag. Featured with a non-slip back to keep your bag securely hooked.


  • A convenient and stylish pick-up for the fashionable lady!
  • Unfold the hook on any surface table to use.
  • Keep your handbag off the floor and safe at restaurant, office, or anywhere.
  • Unfold and hook on the edge of a table or bench to protect your bag.
  • Non-slip back to secure your handbag without falling.


  • Materials: Alloy and Crystal.
  • Measurements: 44 mm (D) x 13 mm (H).

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