Non-stick Mesh BBQ Grilling Bag

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Attention to you Homemade BBQ Chefs, Super Cook Mums, even Professional Chefs out there.. remember the days when occasionally chunks of meat or vegetables or even prawns & squids will slip through the grill down to the ashy charcoal? Those days are officially OVER!

Non-Stick Mesh BBQ Grilling Bag is designed to make grilling easier and more efficient for you. You can store different kinds of food in this bag and flip the bag easily for that perfect, even grill.  Get one now and try it out for yourself!

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Made of premium mesh material for outstanding heating. Store your choice of meat, burger patties, vegetables, seafood, french fries, appetisers and more!


  • Mesh Design: allows heat & BBQ Flavor to pass through
  • 360° Cooking: Highly heat-transmitting Copper for faster cooking!
  • Snap button fasteners: Prevents food dropping through the grill
  • Non-Stick & Easy to Clean
  • Flip multiple foods at once
  • Great for small & chopped foods: Veggies, fish, shrimp & more
  • Doubles as a crisper oven bag for french fries & more
  • Dishwasher-safe

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