Mugs Stacker & Coaster Set

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Are you someone who has accumulated A LOT of coffee mugs, cups, and glasses? Are you also someone who is short on space?

This 2 in 1 Coffee Cup Stacker & Coaster Set is the perfect solution for you! Turn what used to be a hot mess of a cupboard into a well-organized thing of envy. And what's even better about these stackers is that they can double as a coaster so you're not only saving space, your saving your table from water rings!

Whether your cups are in various sizes or measurements, a simply adjustment on the stacker and it fits all your drinkware. 


  • An adjustable stacking device which organizes kitchen cabinets by stacking mugs and cups in a narrow fashion, thus saving the space on your cupboard shelf.
  • Takes advantage of unused airspace in kitchen cabinets between your mugs and the shelf by lifting your cups and mugs on top of each other without the risk of chipping or breaking them, utilizing the area that would normally go to waste. It is like discovering a whole new cupboard.
  • Stackers expandable legs make it totally adjustable to fit most of the sizes and shapes of coffee mugs, cups and glasses in your kitchen cabinet, pantry cabinet or under sink organizer and storage
  • Very easy to use, just place one Stacker on top of a coffee cup, then set another one upside down, right on top. Give the Stacker a gentle squeeze to adjust to the size, and your coffee cups are safe and sound, in just the right amount of space. Very practical kitchen organization and storage gadget.
  • This cabinet organizer is a great alternative for wire shelving unit due to it's positioning flexibility. Use them in the corner cabinet, inside spice rack cabinet or pantry organization and storage. You finally don't need hooks to lift your tea cups.
  • Multipurpose - acts as a coaster too!
  • A set comes with 3 amazing stackers.
  • Available in 2 colors - Blue & Orange.

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