Men Workout Sweat Shaper

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Been working out for some time but have yet to see abs popping out? This handy sweat shaper is made just for you!

Our Men Workout Sweat Shaper is just what you need to take your abs training session to the next level! Made from heat-trapping polymer fabric, it accelerates your natural body heat by creating sweat. This process creates a sauna-like experience during your workout sessions which shed your water weight fast, burns more calories, producing quicker results!

The Workout Sweat Shaper uses a compression fabric as well that makes your look slimmer instantly by just putting it on. It is designed to shape your waist, tuck your tummy, giving you a confident booster even if you're just wearing it as an inner wear. Other advantages are its comfort level, super light in weight, quick-drying process and made machine washable and durable.

Time to burn those fats and make them abs poppin, what do you say?

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Size Measurements:

Men Workout Sweat Shaper Size Chart | Candid Report


  • Lightweight, comfortable and made from quick-drying fabric.
  • Versatile usage be it for workouts, running errands, inner wear and so on.
  • Advantage technology of heat-trapping polymer fabric that allows better sweating process that leads to better burning of fats.
  • Anti-slip waistband designed to make sure the Sweat Shaper stays in place.
  • Available in various sizes.

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