Magnetic LED Emergency Roadside Flare

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Not-so-fun fact: The leading cause of death in the first-half of a person’s life is car accident.

One particular car-related activity, however, leaves you more vulnerable than anything else. We're talking about getting outside of your car to handle a problem on the side of the road.

The risks are 10x higher if your vehicle come to a halt in the middle of the night. Just imagine trying to maneuver around in a near pitch black condition, while hoping that incoming drivers are able to notice you.

One recommended “must-haves” to keep in your car is the military grade Magnetic LED Emergency Roadside Flare, and it’s easy to see why.

Why Magnetic LED Emergency Roadside Flare?

  • When you’re stalled by the road and needed to get out of your vehicle, the real danger often lies within the incoming traffic. In a low-light setting, you and your vehicle are virtually invisible to other motorists.
  • It is crucial for you to stay noticeable, and grab as much attention as you can, in order to avoid worsening the situation with potential life-threatening scenarios.
  • That is where these LED Roadside Safety Discs come in. They provide a powerful source of light, to create a “warning ring” around you, letting other vehicles notice your presence from thousands of feet away.


  • Reliable: Made from strength-tested materials that are up to the army’s standards of durability.
  • Battery operated: Specifically with triple A batteries, that are expected to last longer than 72 hours. You can even keep spare batteries if need be, since they can be easily changed without the need of recharging.
  • Water-resistant: Emergencies can occur in any type of environment; this includes rainy weather or being situated in an area that is close to a body of water.
  • Magnet and hook: The magnet allows the disc to be easily attached to your car while you attend to the issue; a particularly helpful feature if you are left alone to manage the emergency. The hooks work in the same capacity. You can use the disc as illumination device by hooking it on top of the area in need.

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent. It’s always important to stay prepared for possible emergencies, for you and your loved ones.

Package contains:

  • Single Pack: 1x Roadside Flare
  • 3x Pack: 3x Roadside Flares (10% Discount)

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