Magic Cosmetic Travel Pouch

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Sick and tired of always having to take out all your cosmetic products just to find what you're looking for? Worry not, we have the right product that can solve your problems quick!

This Magic Cosmetic Travel Pouch allows you to open it up by just loosing up the string in just one simple motion.

One major benefit of this nifty travel pouch is that you can just pack it back up by tightening up the string once you're done. Easy to handle, time saving and you can use this just about anywhere.

Say goodbye to messy cosmetic bags!

Magic Makeup Pouch

  • Stylish Design - This cosmetic travel pouch lay out completely flat within seconds when you open the drawstring, you can see all of your toiletries and cosmetics at once. Easy to find what you need.
  • Waterproof Makeup Bag -  Scratch-resistant and water-resistant material, protecting your items from scratches, dust and accidental dropping.
  • Washing Machine Friendly - just put it into the washing machine for cleaning.
  • Large Unfold Size - Pack all your daily makeups and everything inside!
  • Easy to Pack - Just put all the things on the bag and pull the string!

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