Kitchen Spatula & Ladle Rest Mat

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The Kitchen Spatula & Ladle Rest Mat is a smart kitchen help made of non-slip silicone.

It helps you keep your kitchen organized and clean during cooking. Place your dirty kitchen tools in the holes to prevent them from leaking on your counter top. Simply flop these spoon rests onto any counter top or even glass stove space for a quick utensil rest.

PLUS, the premium trays contain slop and are spill free to make your after-prep cleanup a snap. The 3 colors allow you to color code your rests and will prevent cross contamination by keeping utensils separated.

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  • Dishwasher safe and easy.
  • Large design holds any size utensil.
  • Multiple notches for multiple utensils.
  • Non-slip even on slick surfaces.
  • Keeps spring tongs in place.

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