Instant Jar & Bottle Opener

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Tired of changing lid openers here and there? Perhaps your kitchen is filled with openers of various sizes. This multi-purpose lid opener comes in 4 sizes in ONE OPENER!

Say goodbye to having several openers that only comes in one particular size. With this handy tool right here, you can use ONE same tool to open just about any lid from beer bottle caps to jars of various sizes.


    • PATENTED JAR OPENER - The four size options make it easy to fit practically any size bottle or jar. From ketchup bottles to pickle jars, and apple juice jugs to peanut butter containers, you'll never struggle to unscrew a cap again.
    • WORKS WET OR DRY - Where other jar openers might struggle to open wet containers, this instant opener is ideal for use with wet jars or wet hands.
    • DURABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The handle is easy to grip and hold and is ideal for those with limited hand strength, hand injuries, or those suffering from arthritis.
    • GRIP, TWIST, & ENJOY - This instant opener is simple to use. Just fit the jar or bottle lid into the appropriately sized opening, grip, and twist.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of BPA-free plastic and rubber. Simply hand wash after every use, and the opener will last for years.

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