Handy Bottle Stand Cap Set

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It's always a fuss trying to squeeze out the remaining few drops of your shampoo or maybe your cooking oil in the kitchen isn't it?

This Handy Bottle Stand Cap Set will make your life way easier and fuss-free now! Small yet handy, the bottle stand caps are designed to make sure it keeps your bottles stable while being in an inverted position.

Simply take off the existing bottle caps on your shampoo bottles or cooking oil bottles and screw this on the top as a handy cap replacement, place it in an inverted position and enjoy the convenience of squeezing every last drop! It IS that simple.

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  • STAND THAT BOTTLE UPSIDE DOWN. Simply replace your bottle's original cap OR pump with the Handy Bottle Cap Set. Then open the valve to squeeze out every drop.
  • GREAT FOR ANY THICK LIQUID. Including Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Gels, BBQ Sauce, Condiments, Salad Dressing, Honey, Cleaning Products, Car Care Products, Adhesives and Lots More!
  • WASHABLE and REUSABLE. Use it the Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Garage, Workshop, Office and More.
  • IT'S FOOD SAFE! - BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY! Set comes in 6 pieces of stand caps with different sizes of screw caps to fit the desired bottles.
  • Fits almost any screw top bottle, worldwide
  • Washable and reusable

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