Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand

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Constantly feeling like you need more time for your daily prepping before heading out especially when your hands are all busy just getting one thing done - hair drying? We've got the right solution for you!

Now with this amazing Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand, you can do multiple things while getting your hair blown dry be it your make up or just styling yourself up with some jewelries. It helps literally everyone and anyone, whether you're an average joe rushing to work, or you're wanting to is it as an aid for hemiplegics, arthritics and others with limited upper extremity range of motion, strength or co-ordination. 


  • Lightweight and easy storage advantages
  • Simple to remove from a mirror as it is to attach
  • High-Quality stainless steel that holds up to 4 kg
  • Fits in your bag for travelling or even when you're heading to the gym
  • Securely and safely grips hairdryer
  • Flexible in any angle of your choice
  • Massively aids user independence

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