Electronic Measuring Spoon

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Isn't it a hassle when you need several measuring spoons for your baking needs or even your everyday use?

Now you don't have to worry about your measurement tools laying around everywhere. Try out our Electronic Measuring Spoon - you won't regret it. In fact, it's so easy to use and to bring around, you're sure to use it almost everyday!

The Electronic Measuring Spoon comes with 3 spoon sizes which you can swap in and out as you like. It's also made from a stainless steel body, you don't have to worry about it breaking off easily after only a few use. Simply tare and measuring spoon, scoop up and you're ready to go.

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  • LCD display shows the weight clearly, easy to read.
  • It is highly accurate, you don't need to estimate the amount of kitchen seasoning anymore.
  • Suitable for measuring food like tea, spices, flour, cream, butter, etc. 
  • Detachable spoon design makes it easy to clean and storage.
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, with a hole for hanging.
  • Four units (g, oz, ct, gn) could be adjusted by pressing the MODE button, with tare function as well.
  • Comes with 3 spoon sizes for your preference.


  • Handle Size (L x W x T): approx. 15.7 x 8 x 2.9cm / 6.18 x 3.15 x  1.14inch
  • Spoon Size (L x W): 
  • L: approx. 14.5 x 8cm / 5.71 x 3.15inch
  • M: approx. 8.5 x 5.8cm / 3.35 x 2.28inch
  • S: approx. 6.5 x 5cm / 2.56 x 1.97inch
  • Weight: approx. 185g

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