Cutlery Cleaning Brush

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The ultimate cutlery cleaning brush is here!

Say goodbye to stubborn and hardened stains on your cutleries and say hello to shiny and clean ones! With this Cutlery Cleaning Brush tool, you don't have to stress about your cutleries not being clean especially when it's out of your dishwasher.

The design built on this tool is made to not miss a single detail. The unique wrap-around design allows you to clean both sides of a utensil at once, while keeping your fingers away from any sharp edges. Its tough bristles quickly remove food debris and the textured grip helps prevent your hand from slipping hence making it less hazardous too!


  • Cleaning sharp cutleries in a safer manner.
  • Easy to clean & store.
  • Time efficient - cleans both sides at once.
  • Tough bristles removes stubborn stains easily.

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