Comfort Fit Waist Shaper

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What’s the main reason to wear a waist shaper? We’d guess most women would say that they want to look slimmer and enhance their curves.

And while those are definitely the most obvious benefits of waist shaper, did you know that there are several other reasons why Comfort Fit Waist Shaper can be a part of a your journey to health and happiness?

Here are some of the surprising benefits of Comfort Fit Waist Shaper that go beyond shaping.

Confidence and Self-Esteem: Comfort Fit Waist Shaper enhances your natural features, while helping your clothing fit in a more flattering way, the way it was designed to. 

Self-esteem can go a long way in helping anyone succeed in work and in life. Your coworkers, friends and loved ones notice because when you feel more confident and secure in your own skin, you’re giving yourself the respect you deserve. And when you’re respecting yourself, other people are more likely to respect you as well.

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Posture Support: Comfort Fit Waist Shaper not only slim and shape your figure, but also provide posture support by helping you pull in your tummy and sit or stand up straight.

The benefits of better posture are numerous. Photographers will be the first to tell you what a difference it can make in portraits and wedding photos. Subjects with better posture look confident and beautiful, while subjects who are slouching just don’t have that same glow.

Complementing a Weight Loss Program: Not only do the Comfort Fit Waist Shaper promote an hourglass figure by sucking in the tummy and slimming and smoothing the waist and hips, they burn calories, too!

    Its compression resistance prompt muscles to work a little harder during everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs. So you’ll be lightly and effortlessly toning and torching calories every time you wear them. That’s the kind of multitasking we can really get behind.

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    Comfort Fit Waist Shaper features a medium compression level, hence you can enjoy all the benefits above without losing comfort.

    Size chart:

    Small: 56 cm - 66 cm / 40 kg - 50 kg
    Medium/Large: 66 cm - 67 cm / 50 kg - 65 kg
    XL/XXL: 76 cm - 89 cm / 65 kg - 80 kg
    XXXL:  89 cm - 102 cm / 80 kg - 100 kg 
    4XL: 102 cm - 115 cm / 100 kg - 110 kg

    Material: Polyester/spandex
    Package includes: 1x Comfort Fit Waist Shaper

    Sizes run small, order a size up if you're looking for a comfort fit.

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