Car Aroma Humidifier & Air Freshener

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Turn your car into a relaxing spa experience with this Car Aroma Humidifier & Air Freshener.

This all in one feature is definitely a step higher than the norm that acts as just an air freshener system. Now you can relax while driving to your destination especially when you've had a long day and if you're stuck in a traffic congestion. 


  • Relax While You Drive - The soothing smell of your favourite essential oil combined with relaxing mist is the perfect recipe for relaxation. Transform your hectic car trips into a serene spa-like atmosphere.
  • No More Static Electricity - Dry air can lead to static electricity. The humidifying action of the aromatherapy air freshener will fend off those pesky shocks. 
  • Your Skin Will Feel Great - Don't let your skin get dry in the hot summer or cold winter. Let the soothing mist of the aromatherapy air freshener transform the atmosphere in your car. The humidifier gives the air just the right amount of moisture to keep your skin feeling and looking great.
  • Easy to Use - Simply unscrew the bottle, fill with water, add a drop of your favourite essential oil, and plug it into your cigarette lighter. The aromatherapy freshener will start working right away. You can tilt the aromatherapy diffuser in any direction you like. Breathe in the relaxation, and enjoy the ride!

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