Anti-Spill Soup Spout

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Can't help it but to make a mess pouring soupy food out of your pot? The Anti-Spill Soup Spout will come in super handy!

No matter how careful of a cook we are, it's hard to avoid spillage or soup splashing on us at all times. Now, all of these problems are solved. It certainly works as easy as it sounds. It clips on and fits onto almost all types of cookware, easy to wash and makes your cooking experience a better one.

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  • Convenient To Use - The spout pours liquid, soup, oil from bowls, pans, pots to prevent messy spills.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Lightweight and Space Saving - Weighing less and compact, it is easy to use and store in a quarter to your kitchen. Works great especially with limited counter space.
  • Universal Design - The specially designed silicone funnel will fit nearly all-round pots, pans and bowls big and small.
  • Less mess, makes your cooking experience a better one.
  • Material - Made from environmentally-friendly food grade silicone material, durable, non-toxic, high flexibility, clips and attach onto pots or pans easily.

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