Adjustable Air Pump Wedge for Emergency

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Security and safety will always be the top two priorities in any individual's life. And as humans, we can't always control everything that happens in our lives. 

But, the least we can do is to always be ready for it right? Introducing the Adjustable Air Pump Wedge for Emergency. This air pump wedge comes in very handy in the case of any emergency over in your car, household, anywhere that requires you to break into window sills and so on.

The pump wedge is an inflatable wedge which is made of heavy duty non-marring vinyl material. Other uses may also include door and safe installations for levelling or holding in place while installation is being done.
There is a hard stiff plastic insert inside the wedge- this makes the wedge a breeze to insert in door.

How to use:

  • Slide Air Pump Wedge in between vehicle doors and the weather stripping on the door frame.
  • Pump in air to inflate it to separate vehicle door from the frame.
  • Proceed to open car door with necessary tools needed.

This provides enough room to insert a car opening tool. The pump wedge is the ideal car open tool for firemen, other emergency personnel as well as, auto repair shops and car dealers and so on.

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  • Double sealed on the sides to hold air in without leaking out.
  • Bears pressure of up to 200 kilograms.
  • Easy to use and slide as the edges are made slimmer in order to slide in between windows easier.
  • Multipurpose use in case of any emergency.
  • Can also be used in every day life besides emergencies.

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