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Pet Republic Canvas Cap

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Pet Republic Canvas Cap is an excellent choice for pet parents looking for a stylish, well-made hat that will protect your dog from the sun’s harmful rays.

Turns out that your canine’s eyes are extremely sensitive to the sunlight. It is very important for you to protect their eyes against bright conditions so that they can see stronger.

If you want to safeguard your dog’s eyes from the sun while making them feel cool when you take your furry friend out for the day, then dog caps are the answer. And what’s cuter than your dog wearing a cap?

The 100% cotton cap is fully adjustable and comes in a range of sizes to fit most dogs, and are designed to fit securely on dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Why Pet Republic Canvas Cap?

  • Help them see better in bright conditions.
  • Protect their eyes from bright light that can aggravate cataracts, Pannus, and light sensitivity.
  • Shade delicate facial skin from harmful UV rays. Although dogs aren’t susceptible to the same sun damage as humans, some breeds with thin coats need extra protection.
  • Last but not least, dogs look super adorable in caps!

With a generous, shade-providing visor, this dog cap mirrors a human ball cap. But it’s specially designed for dogs, with ear holes and an elastic rim to help it fit your pooch’s head.

It’s constructed with lightweight nylon, which means a dog’s head stays cool, and the cap's adjustable cord keeps it securely in place, so you won’t have to worry about it constantly falling off.

Size Chart:
Size Diameter (cm) Head Size (cm)
S 8.5 31
M 11 34
L 13.5 44
XL 16 54

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