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Fast Drying Hair Towel

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Surely drying your hair using a hairdryer everyday isn't healthy at all. The Fast Drying Hair Towel would come in handy, ensuring your hair is dried naturally.

Made from microfiber fleece, it is super absorbent and will dry your hair faster than a regular towel. By reducing the use of your hairdryer, you will also reduce the risk of having split ends. 

It is also designed to not be as long as a regular towel, which makes it easier to carry around. Use it wherever you feel like, the gym, at home, during travels, it sure comes in handy anywhere you are.

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  • Made from microfiber fleece which is a good absorbent material.
  • Durable and soft to hair.
  • Ideal for everyday use.
  • Easy to tuck in hair.
  • Available in several colors.

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