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Wacky Nose Shaped Soap Dispenser

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Crack-Up Your Guests with The Nose Shape Soap Dispenser

• Endless Conversation Piece - Use it in your guest bathroom, and you’ll have an endless amount of comments. Kids and adults can’t help but laugh every time they see and use it. The sight gag of the liquid soap or sanitizer gel dripping out of the nose is guaranteed to bring laughs. 

• Easily Refillable - The nose shape soap dispenser works with either soap or sanitizer gel. It’s easily refillable. Simply screw off the cap on the back of the nose and fill. Press the nose when you want to dispense. 

• Simple to Install - Use the suction cups on the back or a nail to affix the nose to any flat surface. Place it in the shower or by the sink.

• Hilarious Gift - If you know a clean freak or someone who just enjoys a good laugh, this novelty item is a surefire hit. Everyone will be talking about it. Perfect for office parties, birthday gifts, and Father's Day. It's good clean fun!

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